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Custom Decks

You’ve decided you want to utilize more of your outdoor space and add a deck 

Return on your investment – 
According to a recent Remodeling Magazine Cost vs. Value Report, in the first year following installation of your new deck , you will receive almost 75% of what you pay for your deck. The National Association of Realtor’s website estimates a return of as much as 60% of the initial cost of a new patio.

Terrain – 
If your backyard is an uneven or sloping surface or if the space must be elevated, then a deck is the only real choice. The outdoor living space should be no more than two feet from your home’s entrance. Plus, decks have an advantage they naturally absorb the sunlight and retain less heat than a patio.

Versatility –
There is a wide variety of materials to choose from.  Depending on the look and functionality you are looking for Timber Tech and Envision have many varieties to choose from.

Cost – 
Decks are typically less expensive to build than patios primarily due to labor costs. Of course, size and materials selected as well as features incorporated will impact costs. To get a sense of your options as well as costs, give us a call at 636-492-1414.  We’ll be happy to meet with you to discuss your objectives and help find the best options for you.